GUITAR WORKSHOPS - (scroll down for ALTERED STATES details….)

Workshops are a great way to ramp up skill in a particular area without taking on commitment to private lessons.  I can add many of these as a 1.5 hour workshop the afternoon before a house concert:

1/ How to make a guitar “ Celtic” - overview of guitar tunes and ornamentation - 1.5 hr

2/ Altered States - an overview to get people started on altered guitar tunings including DADGAD (I get asked to do this one the most.) 1.5 hr overview or  3 x 1.5 hour clinics.

3/ Accompanying songs with others - for those who want to accompany singers.  - Great for the person who maybe adds some vocal harmony but accompanying is their main thing. 1.5 hrs

4/ Accompanying tunes - looking at alternatives to the chords on the sheet music (not really for beginner players).  1.5 hrs.

5/ Strumming styles/techniques for the right hand - a very practical but useful way to look at strumming the guitar with a flatpack, fingers or both - getting past the same old up/down patterns.  A good one for basic strummers.  1.5 hr

6/ Coming Soon - Using A Capo.  



You’ve seen guitarists do it a lot – changing the tuning of their guitar for their next number. And you think…What’s up with that? If this presents any sort of challenge or mystery to you, OR if you just want to learn more about it…come on out to my ALTERED STATES workshop. 

This is a small group session. We have room for 6 attendees to sit around my dining room table to explore: 

- Drop D, 

- Double Drop D, and 


This is not for beginner players.  If you are comfortable with standard chords and want to know more about altered tunings – this workshop is for you. Knowledge of music theory not needed. 


Cost - $90 for three 1.5 – 2 hour sessions.   I plan on 1.5 hrs. but it ALWAYS goes longer.

Location – my home in Guelph.  

Dates -   October 11, 18 & 25.     7- 9  pm 

 Bring your guitar. You’re going to need it. 

BTW - If Guelph is too far to come, contact me to discuss holding this in your community. 

Contact - Bob MacLean –  to sign up.